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Update by user May 13, 2018

Kaspersky did not contact me. Globe insta contacting me to suggest someone is maskerading as them.

Finally got the last transaction off my credit card. I am no longer with Kaspersky and dont deal with Globeinsta but they keep phoning here. I now use malwarebytes premium for my security. Not sure why the Kaspersky antivirus quit working or how I got mixed up with this Globeinsta.

but they are a terrible company they use scare tactics you have ridiculis amount of viruses and malware on your system just to get on your computer. phone you on holidays and over charge you and kept putting on different tech support on my computer, first micro it support then pc support all claiming to be globeinsta. They said they never phoned me yet I had supposedly needed work done that day and charged to a media4sale (again a different company)all claiming one minute to be globeinsta then next it was not them.As far as the first 305 i lost it I may have gotten kaspersky to fix that for free or it may have cost around 150 dollars is the regular cost of a similar issues.

so im out at least 150 dollars. These guys are good at the con game and probably wouldd have gotten away with it had they not been so greedy and sloppy at the end.

Original review posted by user Apr 13, 2018

I am attaching a advertisement on a website of globe instal that kaspersky claims they never heard of. This is the company my bank is sticking up for because they are legit but this goes beyond poor service when you put viruses and leave my computer corrupted it was not till after i paid i reliazed what they did never all that they phone me good friday telling me i have that network virus again.

a network virus yes maybe i did maybe i didnot who know with liers and cheats like this. No wonder i got fooled and know when they get caught they got the police and bank believing its somehow my fault and im just complaining about the service. They not supposed to phone you well they claim its a emergencgy this is part of the service, is lieing and putting viruses and corupting my computer is too Making up stories that i phoned them which i didnt that i answer a popup message which i didnt. the police and bank have that all down on their side and im just a disgruntled customer.

These scumbags hide behind a computer screen and phone and lie all day long while the police and banks employees believe it they that good. WOW NOW IM REALLY PISSED

Product or Service Mentioned: Kaspersky Lab Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Malwarebytes is way better than kaspersky and please stay way from outside tech supports once they have your phone number they never stop calling and even give your number to third party like Macafee. I had Macafee constantly phoning me they knew my name and former issues on my computer. I had to copying macafees number off call display and plead with the macafee support for it to stop which it did Only because I knew there number and contacted them to stop calling.

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