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Our computer after installing KIS 2015 started showing 99% CPU usage by avp.exe and I have been a KIS for 8 years. I called and got the Phillipines they could not help me; I insisted on speaking to someone stateside; got transferred, he was in Boston and promised he would take "ownership of the case." None of the suggestions worked; and all of the 246 applications on the computer showed as Trusted. I sent the requested logs; four days later I receive an email asking what is your issue and could I send screen shots! (I had sent THREE screeen shots 3 days earlier) No reply re the logs.

Oh I even got an email that said since we have not heard from you we consider the issue resolved and case closed! This despite emails to them ongoing for four days; the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

Dear Matt,

I followed your steps to the letter and the issue persists; as an FYI I had KIS 2014 in our computer all last year and it worked fine; all I did was keep the data bases up to date about 5 times a day, manually and it worked well.

Furthermore, last year in the beginning, I also had problems and after the logs were examined they insisted Iobit (Advanced System Care Pro ) was the problem they said it was a anti virus program which it is not; they said it was a conflict and directed me to remove it

I did not remove it and the computer worked fine; I simply set KIS not to load at startup and to concede resources and not to scan at idle and no auto updates and it worked fine

Today Iobit is showing as one of the 243 TRUSTED applications in our computer!

In short, this problem did not start until 2015 was installed; John O was kind enough to send to me build 15.0.2 which he said has not yet been released to the public because he spoke to someone about our problem and he was told that very problem had been addressed in 15.0.2

I am not a vindictive person one who would post my past four days experience with this problem; in ***; constantly getting sent to Manila where the technicians had no clue; they never created a case before I was transferred to Boston

Below is a screen shot as of 1:20 PM Pacific Time January 23 immediately after implementing the "clean boot." This is a Kaspersky problem and I bought the program at Best Buy and they better honor a refund; bad enough the computer has been virtually unusable for four days; since 2015 was downloaded from the website; if a solution is not found by Monday I am removing it from our computer; when I removed it the computer ran fine; again there is no conflict with KIS 2015 and our "trusted" applications, it is something buggy with your program.

Since my computer is going at a snail's pace, again, would you be kind enough to provide me with a direct contact telephone number because it is taking forever just to launch my home page and use webmail; Outlook will not send receive at all - understandable if 99% of the CPU has been used by avp.exe!

My telephone number is (310) 553-9021 please by Monday resolve this and no I do not want to put 2014 back in - Please call and leave the best contact number for you;


Christopher FrankHere is the screen shot:

-----Original Message-----From: Kaspersky Lab SupportSent: Jan 23, 2015 12:40 PMTo: frank.christopher@earthlink.netSubject: Kaspersky - Support INC000004032436 Post-Install Problems

Hello Christopher,

Can you please attempt to start your computer in a 'Clean boot' and let me know if the issue persists? To do so:

Press the Windows Logo and R key simultaneously to open the Run Menu.In the Run menu, please type 'msconfig' (without the single quotes) and press Enter.Click on the Services tab.Click Hide Microsoft Services.**Hiding Microsoft Services is very important.Click Disable All.Go through and enable all Kaspersky and AVP lines.Click the Startup tab.Click Disable All.Go through and enable all Kaspersky and AVP lines.Click Apply, then Close.Then restart the computer when prompted.

When the computer comes back up, it may ask if you want to work in Diagnostics mode. That's fine for now, please continue.

Please let me know if the issue persists after.

Kindly reply to this message if you need further assistance.

If your issue has been resolved, please let us know. If you do not reply we will automatically resolve your request in 7 day(s).

Best regards,Matt R | Technical Support | Kaspersky Lab Americas

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: I want them to fix the problem!.

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Vienna, Vienna, Austria #955667

i had the same problem, i am trying to solve it, i could find today that in internet explorer the proxy is setting to

and i can not change it , there is keys in the registry changed which blocked changing,

i am trying to solve it, i found where these keys but i still do not know the result after deleting these keys.

usually it must be under current user,

but they are under Local machine, and it must not be like this,

there is no antivirus could see the programm which did this, i tried many programms, kaspersky, norton, malware bytes, adwcleaner, but noone could find the reason and delete it, when i try to reset the internet connection this setting came back again,

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